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Chrissy DeBartolo
By Chrissy DeBartolo - October 20, 2017


Happy New Year to all of our friends and loyal subscribers!

Now that it is the New Year, you’ve probably been thinking about what changes you want to make in your life and what goals you want to achieve this year, right?

All this talk about resolutions and losing weight is everywhere!

This year, how about trying something a bit different?

Typically we hear resolutions to lose X number of pounds or wanting to rock a bikini by the summer, but we lose steam and give up because the resolutions are so vague and daunting.

We’ve found that it’s MUCH easier to add little things into your daily routine, which in turn, creates healthy habits that are easy to maintain.

 So, this year, why not just RESOLVE TO BE YOUR BEST SELF. As Oprah says, “If not now…when?”

 To accomplish this, try adding simple things like these 4 items to your daily life:

 1. Eat Well

 Eating well is the #1 thing that makes us feel energized and able to conquer all that life throws at us each day. Eating clean with tons of fruits and veggies mixed with proteins and healthy fats are all things that will keep you feeling full and fuel your body all day long. If you struggle with what to eat, try replacing one food item at a time with a healthier version and continue until you are fueling your body with the best foods all day. (Head over to our Pinterest page for some Healthy Food Swap ideas.)

 2. Positive Self-Talk

 In this day and age we are just too hard on ourselves. We are our own critics – the harshest ones, at that. This year, try working towards being nicer to yourself each day. The body that you have is the only one you’ve got and it’s been through a lot! Sometimes we just don’t give ourselves enough credit. Think about all your body has been through to get you where you are today. Take time to appreciate what you do have and be thankful for it. Not everyone is the same - you are the only version of you!

 3. Learn Something New

 Now this may not happen every day, but it could! We’re not talking about learning a new language or a different profession right away. What about the little things? Something you didn’t know about your spouse or child, dabble in a hobby you’ve been wanting to experience, talk to your parents about your family tree, talk with friends or co-workers and learn more about them. These little things make an impact on your life and enrich your daily activities for the better. We always need to keep learning so we can continue to grow. What will you learn today?

 4. Stay Active

This year, instead of making a resolution to workout more, resolve to find an activity that you enjoy doing so that it doesn’t feel like “work”. Spend time with your family and make it a point to take at least one long walk each day. Or, go swimming, dance around your living room, jump rope with your kids or grandkids, garden, go roller-skating, etc. When you engage in these you are still getting in some exercise each day and thoroughly enjoying it in the process! This is definitely something that you can keep up and it will make you happier in the process.

 These 4 simple goals are easily attainable, but who says you have to stop there?

 If you need some extra help getting started, let Wu-Long Tea do some of the heavy lifting for you by increasing your energy and metabolism, clearing your skin, and curbing your appetite! It makes it easier to get to those resolution goals and maintain them forever!

I want to hear what new things YOU are adding into your daily routine to be your BEST SELF!

Comment below and let me know!


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