Simple Hacks to Keep Hydrated!

Chrissy DeBartolo
By Chrissy DeBartolo - October 20, 2017


Yesterday, we gave you 9 easy ways to boost your immune system to stay healthy all year long.

Since one of these tips is to drink TONS OF WATER, we thought we would give you some simple hacks to stay hydrated all day long.

Many people say it's hard to drink enough water throughout the day. It's difficult to remember if it's not a habit and if you have no way of measuring how much water you've consumed on a daily basis then you probably aren't getting enough.

So, how much water do you really need each day? One easy way to estimate how much you need is to divide your weight by 3 - that's at least how many ounces of fluid you need daily. (Plus a glass of water for each caffeinated or alcoholic drink.)

Now that we know how much water you should be drinking, here are some ways to ensure you get enough throughout the day.

The Rubber Band Hack

Purchase a water bottle that has measurements on it or use any water bottle you have around the house. Every time you finish a whole bottle, place a rubber band around the bottle. This will help you remember how many bottles of water you've consumed. The size of your water bottle will determine how many rubber bands you will need by the end of each day (i.e. if you're aiming to consume 50 ounces of water every day and you have a 24 oz water bottle, then you'll need to make sure you have at least 2 rubber bands around your bottle by the end of the day). Or if you prefer, you can start the day with the appropriate amount of rubber bands and take one off each time you finish a bottle. Either way, it is a helpful tool to keep track of how much you're getting.

Another helpful hack is to mark time intervals on your bottle with permanent marker so you can stay on track with drinking water throughout the day. You could do something like this: 



The "Water is so bland" Hack

For some, just drinking plain water is a challenge - especially when you aren't thirsty. A more enjoyable way to drink water is to add in some lemon, drink it warm with honey and cinnamon, infused with organic strawberries, kiwi, or cucumber, or in a hot cup of tea. These all count towards your daily ounces of water so don't forget to take them into consideration!


The Food Hack


Did you know that a lot of fruits and veggies naturally contain water? Watermelon and strawberries contain about 92 percent water per volume. Other fruits with high water content include grapefruit, cantaloupe, peaches, pineapple, cranberries, oranges and raspberriesOn top of the vegetables list are cucumber and lettuce, consisting of 96 percent water. Zucchini, radish, celery, tomato and green cabbage are also high on the list for water content. These are only a few of the fruits and vegetables that aid in your consumption of water each day so make sure you're packing in a lot of them! Fun Fact: Water-rich fruits and vegetables also provide you with natural sugars, amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins that are lost in exercise, so reaching for cucumbers or watermelon after your workout may hydrate your body twice as effectively as a glass of water!


The Alarm Hack

Do you ever get so involved in your day that the hours just fly by? Do you suddenly realize that you haven't had anything to eat or drink for hours? Then look no further, this hack is for you! Use your cell phone and set the alarm to go off every 2 hours, or so, as a reminder to get a glass of water. There are also a few cell phone apps out there that you can download to alert you, such as Water Drink Reminder for Android or Daily Water Free for iPhone. Be sure to keep a water bottle nearby once your alarm goes off so there is no excuse for not taking a sip.


The Nighttime Hack

This may not be an option for you if you have a small bladder, but keeping a full glass of water on your nightstand will help remind you to take a drink if you get up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.


Hopefully these simple hacks will help to keep you hydrated all day long. Since water is so important for many facets of our health, it is crucial that we make sure to drink enough. Do you have any other hacks to stay hydrated on a daily basis? Let us know!

Check back tomorrow as we include more ways to stay healthy by eating more garlic! ::SPOILER ALERT:: There will be recipes! :-)

Have a wonderfully healthy day! See you tomorrow!

Yours in Health & Happiness,



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